MSI Magic!🌟

A story of my GF adventure in the Western Hemisphere’s largest science museum💫

Day 2: Muriel’s and More

Sigh. I reserved our dinner on the second day for a second post. We actually made a mistake on this day–we went to Muriel’s for dinner on the same day as The Commander’s Palace lunch. We just didn’t think about what it would be like to have both of these restaurants on the same day….

Day 2: Be Our Guest

The Garden District of New Orleans proved to be a pretty awesome place—starting with the food, of course. If you ask what the top restaurant in the city is, people will mention Brennan’s, The Court of Two Sisters, Antoine’s…but when judging by longevity, The Commander’s Palace is the traditional choice. There are many, but you…

New Orleans: Day 1

The first day we got in, we found our way to the hotel in the French Quarter, Place d’Armes. I loved the location—right in Jackson Square, down the block from Cafe du Monde, a couple of blocks from Bourbon Street. The oldest settled location of the city, just my cup of tea. Easy access to…

Gluten-Free…in New Orleans?

Okay, friends. Here is the big trip. We were deciding between Disney World, New York, and San Francisco–all of which are more outwardly gluten-free friendly than New Orleans. It is a place of fried things and roux-based cooking…a place that the gluten-intolerant  have been fearful of by-and-large over the years. We decided to visit because…